Wedding couple displayIn this world of short-term commitments, marriage stands out as something different. People who marry are making a statement before God and their families and friends that theirs is not a passing fancy but a relationship founded on love and respect, a relationship worth celebrating and bringing to God for blessing.

The church in Meldrum and Bourtie is here to provide religious services for the people of the parish and those who have a connection to the area. If you would like to be married in either Meldrum or Bourtie Church the first thing to do is to phone me, Rev Alison Jaffrey (01651 872250). In this first phone call you can check that the date on which you would like to be married is not already booked. You can also make an appointment to speak to me about your service. Ideally I like to meet people about 6 months before their marriage.

I aim to get to know a couple so that I can prepare a service which is relevant to them and includes hymns and readings which have meaning for them. This can take some time so we will need two to three hours for this meeting. We will discuss together the hymns, readings and vows you would like to use and whether other people will be taking part in the service.

I will need to know if you have been married before and whether you have children who are to be included in the service. If you are divorced, as long as I am convinced that you understand what went wrong with a previous marriage, there is no barrier to you being married again in church.

The current costs of a wedding at Meldrum and Bourtie are as follows:

  Member Non Member
Church £175 £350
Beadle £60 £60
Organist £90 £90
Cleaner £60 £60
  -------- --------
Total £385 £560

Photography and videography are accepted as a part of the modern wedding and are welcome in our church in consultation with me.

I do conduct marriage services outwith the church as long as the circumstances are conducive to the conduct of worship, but I prefer not to conduct weddings on a Sunday (unless your service is a part of the Sunday worship) or on Good Friday. If I am unavailable on the date of your wedding I will undertake to find a substitute minister for your service.

I look forward to getting to know you and to working with you to make your marriage a memory you will treasure for a lifetime.